Presenters  |  Sep 7, 2018

Scottee Celebrates 10 Years of Making It

Scottee returns to the Roundhouse celebrating 10 years of ‘making a mess, causing a fuss and getting ideas above his station’ in Scottee: I Made It From Your Retrospective.

The show consists of well known show-offs, lesser known punters, and die hard fans performing – from memory – 10 pieces of Scottee’s work in an ego-fueled variety show hosted by the fatso himself!

His show Putting Words in Your Mouth became one of Matt Trueman’s top 10 shows of 2016, quickly followed by sell-out tour of Bravado in 2017; Scottee’s memoir of working class masculinity. Scottee is a co-host on BBC radio’s Loose Ends and has multiple other radio appearances.

For tickets to the show on Friday 7th September visit the Roundhouse website.