Comedy  |  Jun 20, 2019

Amelia Gething writes and stars in her own show- The Amelia Gething Complex

Amelia Gething has written and will star in her own show CBBC show The Amelia Gething Complex, which will air in Autumn 2019. Prepare to enter the world of The Amelia Gething Complex- a surreal comedy sketch show bringing a new twist to flatshares and friendships.

Amelia said: “ I’m very excited to partner with the BBC on my show ‘The Amelia Gething Complex’. I have been writing, acting and producing short-form comedy content on social media for a couple of years now so it’s really great to partner with such a renowned institute like the BBC to grow ideas together and put to a wider audience. We’ve been working on this quietly behind the scenes with an amazing team since last summer so I’m excited to get to work on the series!"