Presenters  |  Aug 30, 2016

Unreliable Evidence with Clive Anderson returns to BBC Radio 4

Unreliable Evidence returns to BBC Radio 4 and in the first of a new series, Clive Anderson hosts a lively discussion about how the law addresses the conflicting interests of humans and animals.

The programme considers how well the law reflects growing scientific understanding of animal intelligence and their ability to suffer, whether the law strikes the right balance between the interests of animals and the commercial interests which humans have in animals, and if future generations might look back at how we treat animals today in much the same way as we now view slavery.

And what would be the consequences for society if there were major changes in law? Would the legal floodgates open if courts accepted that certain higher apes should be granted similar rights to humans?

Other programmes in the series look at: 
the Law and Violence, The Legal Implications of Brexit and the Law and

Tune in to Unreliable Evidence on Wednesday 31st August, BBC Radio 4 at 8pm!