About Us

Who's Who

  • CEO: Sarah Spear
  • Chairman, CEO Original Talent: Jonny Geller
  • Director: Nick Marston and Jacquie Drewe
  • CFO: Simon Flamank
  • Head of Legal and Business Affairs: Raneet Ahuja
  • President: Jonathan Lloyd
  • General Counsel: Tony Leifer
  • HR Director: Natalie Longden
  • Learning and Development Manager: Sumitra Gidwani
  • Communications Manager: Zoë Ogden
  • Office Manager: Pippa Abbott

Managing Directors of Departments

  • Books: Sheila Crowley and Gordon Wise
  • Translation Rights: Kate Cooper and Jake Smith-Bosanquet
  • Talent: Grace Clissold and Grant Parsons
  • Joint Chair of TFTV: Amanda Davis and Nick Marston
  • TFTV: Joe Phillips and Lily Williams